Wisetail API Quick Start & Tutorial

by C.W. Holeman III

Feature Overview

The Wisetail API is available as Beta feature only at this time. The purpose of the API is to allow clients to programmatically interact with the data in their site. The initial API feature set allows the client to programmatically list, run, export, check status, and download Custom Reports data, either for local consumption or possibly as input into another vendor's API or system as shown in the figure below.


In order to access the API, the programmer will need the following items:

  1. The programming documentation at the link: https://api.prod.wisetaillms.net/openapi/v1/documentation 
  2. Your Wisetail Tenant ID. Wisetail Technical Support can get this for you.
  3. A Client ID (See Permitting Data Access section below)
  4. A Client Secret (See Permitting Data Access section below)

Permitting Data Access

Once the API feature has been enabled for your site, Super Admins will see a new API pill in the Admin Tool's system page at Admin Tool > System > API.


Data access through the API is controlled via access tokens on this page. Each access token is comprised of a Client ID and Client Secret. When used together, these two values will allow a program to access data through the API.

All access tokens must be associated with a Super Admin user account. It is recommended that you create one or more user accounts with the super admin role. Treat this/these account(s) as resource accounts, exclusively used for API access. The programmers do NOT need to know the username and password for this/these account(s). Once created, store the username/password information in a secure location as the account(s) will not be logged into often if at all.

Once a Super Admin user account has been created/selected, proceed to the Admin Tool > System > API screen and select the "Generate New Token" button in the upper-left of the screen which then displays the following pop-up screen.


  • The Token Name is a friendly name to help remind the admin what this token will be used for.
    • For security, each token can be revoked separately, which terminates access by the application using that specific token
  • Select User will display all users with Super Admin role access. Select a user to associate this new token with.
    • Multiple tokens can be associated with a single super admin user account. 
    • Inactivating the user account will prevent all tokens associated with that user account from granting access.
  • Click the Generate button to create the new token.
  • The Following screen will be displayed.


  • The Client ID and Client Secret values will be needed by the programmer writing code against the API to access data. Treat the values as a username and password and keep them safe and secure.
    • The Client ID and Client Secret cannot be used to login to the application. They only permit access through the controlled api interface.
  • Please note that once you leave the New Token Generated screen, the Client Secret value is no longer visible. Please make sure to record the client secret value carefully using the copy-and-paste function before closing this screen.

Regenerating a Client Secret

If the Client Secret is lost or forgotten, a new value can be regenerated from the Admin Tools > System > API page as seen below. Once regenerated, the old Client Secret value will no longer work wherever it may be being used so proceed with caution.



Tutorial With Postman

The following video has step-by-step directions for interacting with your API connection via Postman:



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