Categories Widget (Tags)

by C.W. Holeman III

See also: Page Widgets Compendium

This widget displays a list of Tags, chosen by the admin, to help users navigate to the modules which contain the chosen tags. This navigation will lead a user to the Learn library - which will be filtered down to display all modules and courses attributed to the tag.

Modules added to the Category Widget must have the setting "Viewable In Library" set to "Yes". If "Viewable In Library" is set to "No" the Module will not be visible in the Widget.

The categories widget can only be placed in the right column of a page.


  • Each "Category" can be a shortcut to one, or multiple, tags. (Simply sleect multiple Tags when Adding a Category to the widget.)
  • You can Drag & Drop a Category under another to create Sub-Categories.
  • You can only nest Categories 2-deep (no sub-sub-categories).


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