Wisetail LMS Mobile App Overview

by C.W. Holeman III


The LMS app is a “companion” app to the original web-based version of the LMS.

This means that it does not (currently) offer all of the functionality you can experience in the browser.

The app’s focus is finding and completing learning content. This means finding and interacting with modules, courses, and the types of content that exist inside modules and courses. All content types that can be used inside of a module are supported in the mobile app. If you need the full functionality of the website on a mobile device, you can access it via a mobile browser.


Upon login, users land on the “Dashboard” view. The dashboard contains five sections: Recently Viewed, Up Next, Recommended Content, Bookmarked, and Resources. Each section will display up to three modules and a “Show More” button if more than three modules exist in the category.

  • Recently Viewed hosts recently viewed modules – this is equivalent to a Filtered Content page widget with the “Recently Viewed” setting.
  • Up Next hosts modules that the user is currently enrolled in and has not yet completed.
  • Recommended Content hosts modules that have been recommended to the user via a suggested enrollment.
  • Bookmarked hosts modules that the user has saved using the “Watch Later” function.
  • Resources is equivalent to the learn library – all modules available to the learner who is logged in that are set to be viewable in library.

The mobile app respects all permissions and access rules set on modules exactly as the web version does.


The app supports only search of modules and media.


Because the app is learning-focused, all push notifications are also learning focused. Push notifications in the mobile app align to notification settings in the admin tool. If the Setting is enabled, and the Trigger occurs, a push notification with the specified Title and Message will be sent to the affected learner as per the chart here.


Some aspects of the user experience of the mobile app can be configured by a Super Admin. These settings can be found under the admin tool “Settings” tab, in the “Mobile App” pill.

You are able to configure an app-specific logo, two primary brand colors, and decide if you want your company name to be displayed in the app header.

Changing these settings will change the app interface for all of your site users.


  • A user’s first login cannot occur on the mobile app – they must login via a browser in order to set their password and complete registration (if required)
  • At this time the app does not support module comments, User Contributions, Dialogs, or Connect
  • At this time the app does not support offline content
  • At this time the app is available in English only


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