The User Impersonation Tool (TUIT)

by C.W. Holeman III

User Impersonation 

Troubleshooting and confirming LMS configurations just got easier with the new impersonation feature.  


Impersonating A User 

Super Admins can now impersonate users in the LMS and experience the platform as that user.  

Whether a Super Admin is troubleshooting an issue reported by their users or wants to validate that a module they've created appears correctly for the intended audience, the impersonate functionality is a powerful and valuable tool for our clients.  


In the Admin Tool, under the Users tab, Super Admins will see a small icon on the right side of every user they can impersonate.  


NOTE: Super Admins cannot impersonate other Super Admins at this time.  



Clicking on the icon for a specific user initiates the impersonation process.  


For auditing and security reasons, Super Admins are shown a pop up in which they will enter the reason they are impersonating a specific user. 




Once a reason has been entered, the Super Admin will click Submit and their LMS instance will be refreshed as their impersonated user. A banner that spans across the top of the LMS will indicate to the Super Admin which user they are currently impersonating and experiencing the LMS as. 




While impersonating, Super Admins navigate a read-only version of the LMS as the impersonated user. They will not be able to execute actions such as adding module comments, completing modules, any admin actions etc. Instead, they can navigate and experience the LMS the same way the impersonated user experiences the LMS. 


In the event the Super Admin is attempting to execute a forbidden action, they may see a red toast message appear on the bottom right corner of the screen.  




Impersonation sessions will set the @work setting of the session to Yes so that the Super Admin can experience what the impersonated user would hypnotically be experiencing if they were at work.  




Once the Super Admin has finished their impersonation session, they can end it by clicking the End Impersonation button on the floating menu. The Super Admin will be returned to the LMS as themselves and can continue to use the LMS as their own user.  



Impersonation Report 

Impersonation is a powerful tool and being able to track usage of the feature is important to ensure it is being properly used. The new Impersonation Report provides Super Admins with a breakdown of who is using the impersonation feature and when they did so. 


Once on the report page, Super Admins will select the time frame they want to look at and click the Run Report button. 



The report will display all instances of impersonation that happened during the selected timeframe and details of each session including the impersonator, which user they impersonated, the start and end times of the session, and the reason provided.  


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