by C.W. Holeman III

See: Search, Permissions, & Media.

The Media Pill displays the title, the date added, and the approval status. Using the sidebar, you can filter the list by type, status, and date range.

If you need more details for a piece of media, click on the title and you will see the original size of the media, title, and description. You will also be able to see any relevant reports, as well as where this piece of media is being used.



Proceed with caution when deleting media! This removes the media item completely from the LMS — including all modules housing the media item. There is no undo functionality.


This is how you can approve/disapprove user contributed content.

Mark as Pending

If a Media item is marked as pending it is neither approved nor disapproved. This is the default status when a user submits a User Contribution (if approval is required for this function).

Managing Media from a Module

Making changes to media items in a module has never been easier. In the Admin tool, when a user clicks on the Media item in a Module Details view, users have a “Manage Media” option.  

The Manage Media button for a PDF, and an Image.

When an Admin selects “Manage Media”, they will be taken directly to that particular piece of media within the Content tab of the Admin tool. This makes it a lot more efficient to make changes or edits to pieces of media inside a module. 



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