Whitelisting URLs & IPs for Wisetail Access

by C.W. Holeman III

If you need to whitelist Wisetail's domains (outbound TCP/IP addresses) in order to bypass your organization's firewalls for such traffic as sFTP reports, whitelist the following domains:

  • outbound-east-1a.wisetail.com
  • outbound-east-1c.wisetail.com
  • outbound-east-1d.wisetail.com
  • outbound-east-1e.wisetail.com
  • outbound-east-1f.wisetail.com 

OR more broadly if wildcarding is supported:

  • *.wisetail.com
  • *.wisetaillms.net

Similarly, if the user logs in and is redirected to the homepage as normal but the homepage is blank and nothing is displayed you may need to whitelist the following URLs as well:

  1. *.newrelic.com
  2. *.nr-data.net
  3. *.googleapis.net
  4. *.cloudflare.com
  5. *.googleapis.com
  6. *.d2nvkyc4wob42n.cloudfront.net
  7. *.prod-wisetail-fe-0a6046b66d41-1329186774.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com


If and only if your system is unable to whitelist by domain, the following IP Addresses may be used. However, these IP addresses can and will change without notice. If you utilize them, be aware that you are responsible for keeping your whitelist up to date. Use at your own risk.



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