Multi-Module Completions Report - May 2020

by Cody Kirby


The one - the only - Multi-Modules Report! Yes, you read that right. So, keep reading.

A new report is available that allows admins to view completion results for multiple modules in one report. This report will provide at-a-glance results for modules included in a course type structure, it will allow admins to report on multiple modules or courses at a high level. But also providing the ability to drill down to individual users - all within the same report. 

Pro Tip: This report can be saved as a custom report. 


Pretty neat right? Here are the finer details.

The report will act just like the module completion or module exception report where you are asked to choose which module you would like to report on. Except for this time you will be given the opportunity to do a have a module multi-select. In the reports tab navigate to “Multi-Modules Completions Report”, within the report under the modules title click “Select Modules” this will allow the admin to select modules by start/end date and range. 

Pro Tip: The start date is based on the date in which the module was created within the system in the modules tab.


There can be up to 10 modules selected at any given time. Why 10 modules you ask? This is because we conducted research and based on that research it was found to be that 10 was the average number of modules within a course based on our client data. 


Some things change - Some things stay the same

A few things that will stay the same is how the report is filtered based on the audience. The filter will still be date-based and rule-based. For example, if the modules are permissioned to only nine users the results will yield but only based on those nine users. You can filter to a smaller audience by using the “Filter” section within the report. 


The things that change are the stats! Yay stats - no but really you’re going to love these stats. The stat view will show you the total audience count with access to at least one of the selected modules, the combined views of all the users across the selected modules, and the combined completions across the selected modules. 


The modules will also show up different but in a good way. Using the drop-down carrot you will be able to see module view or user view. In the module view, each module will display in alphabetical order. The module view across will display the module title, the total number of users with access, and the total number of users who have completed the module.


Next to the module title will be another drop-down carrot. This drop-down reveals a nested table of all users who have access to that module in alphabetical order. This will further show if a specific individual user has viewed the module, their completion status, and the date in which they completed the associated module. 


Exporting to a CSV

If you would like to export the report to get a more in-depth glance simply click the “Export CSV” button at the top left corner of the modules view results. When clicking Export CSV while in either user or module view, the export would only show that selected view. 



If you have any questions about the multi-modules completions report please reach out to your CX rep!



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