Merge Duplicate Users

by Martín Galvan

Follow the steps below to merge duplicate user accounts.


In the Admin Tools of your LMS, Navigate to the Users Tab.


  • While in the Users tab identify the duplicate accounts that you would like to merge.  You can use the Search panel to the right to filter the list of active users in your LMS.
    • Once you've identified the Users that need to be Merged; Identify which account needs to be the Active User Account
      • Commonly this is identified by the account that has the most points, completions, and general activity. 

You've now identified which accounts need to be merged (User A and User B), and you've identified which account is correct and needs to remain Active.  For example, let's call the Active account "A" and the Inactive account "B".

Pro Tip: It  may be helpful to open these two account in separate Tabs for the following steps




  • Depending on your configuration, or the reason for the duplicate account creation, you will first need to determine what User Attributes will need to be added to account A
    • If there's a datafeed updating users, ensure that user A is Managed by the Datafeed.  User A's Match on Value will also need to be consistent with the value coming from the Datafeed file (if you don't know what this is, Technical Support would be glad to assist).
  • Manually add any and all attributes, or activity that needs to be retained from Account B to Account A.
    • User Match on Value
      • Please note that if this includes the Username, or the Username for user A needs to match User B, the system will not allow you to save your changes.  User B's Username would need to be changed first and then User A's Username could be changed.
    • Points
    • Module Completions
    • User Attributes not updated by the Datafeed
  • Once all relevant information is added to User A's account, User B's account can be Inactivated and be sure to change "Managed by" to Manually as both users should not be managed by the datafeed. 
  • So long as the appropriate match on values are on User A's profile, the Datafeed will update that user as normal (if applicable). 


Please contact Technical Support if you have any questions.


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