Bulk Admin Update "Managed By" Users

by Martín Galvan


Follow the steps below to change Manually Managed users to Managed by the datafeed. 


If you chose to Export the Template please be sure that there are no additional rows in the file above "username" before the file is uploaded as this can cause it to not upload.

  1. Login and navigate to System and select Admin Bulk Actions.
  2. Select "Edit Profiles"
  3. Select "Users With Rules"
  4. Add a New Rule and select "Location".
  5. Save Changes
  6. Click on Select Field Value
  7. Select one or more Locations and Save Changes
  8. Click on Select Users
  9. Select the Managed By radio button and click on Continue
  10. In the next window click on the dropdown arrow and select "name_datafeed" and Continue.
  11. The next screen will show you how many users will be updated from Manually managed to Managed by the datafeed.
  12. Click on "Confirm Edit" to complete the update.




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