What Is A 1-Time User Upload?

by C.W. Holeman III

A 1-Time User Upload is a process whereby we can take a .csv file with a list of the users you need in your LMS, combine that with some info from a form, and create these users for you via an automated system. Some other file types are supported, but not recommended. Note that you will need to do some leg-work before this process takes place. Your CX Rep will walk you through those steps.

The Difference Between a 1-Time User Upload & a Datafeed

If you are setting up a datafeed then a 1-Time User Upload is redundant, and not needed in the vast majority of situations.

From a client perspective, you can think of a 1-Time User Upload as a run-once datafeed: You will create any needed profile fields (your CX Rep can help you with this, then you, your HRIS, your HR department, or your IT department will create a .csv file of users which will be sent to Wisetail via a unique sFTP server we have configured specifically for this purpose. We then validate the data, and, finally, create your users.

Profile Fields

Required Fields

In the file, you must include the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Employee ID (or other unique identifier)

Unique Identifier

We will need one profile field to serve as a unique identifier; something that will distinguish each employee individually and cannot be replicated. We recommend using Employee ID as your unique identifier.

Commonly Used Fields

The fields listed above are a great built-in starting point for user profile fields, but we can pull more user profile fields as needed.Which fields you will need depend on how you plan to use your site, and very greatly from site to site. Some common profile fields our clients use include:

  • Birthday
  • Hire Date
  • Title
  • Location
  • Department
  • Exemption Status

Uploading the File

If you need assistance with uploading the file, this article has information on how to upload to an sFTP server.

Sample File

Click here to download a sample file:


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