FAQ: What's the difference between a Test & Homework?

by C.W. Holeman III

At first glance Tests, and Homework seem to be redundant. However, they have some subtle, but significant, differences.


Tests are scored by the system, and therefore admins do not need to check the end-user's answers. There's also a wider array of question types you can use compared to Homework.

Input Types

  • Multiple Choice
  • True / False
  • Essay
    • Much like a Homework answer.
    • Cannot upload images like a piece of Homework.
  • Images as Answers
  • Question Bank

Text Blocks

  • Informational text block.
  • Much like Text Blocks in Modules. Though they do still use the Legacy Text Editor.


Homework can be set to require an Admin to pass them before the homework is marked as completed, and therefore the module itself is completed.

Media Types

  • Essay (much like a Test Essay)
  • Can have a media upload as a requirement.



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