Wisetail Managed Email

by C.W. Holeman III

Sites created after 2022-Nov-1 are enrolled in Wisetail Managed Email by default. If your site existed before this date and you would like to let us handle the sticky subject of email for you, please reach out to Technical Support.

When enabled, Wisetail Managed Email will handle outbound email from your LMS using the address [LMS Name] <donotreply@mg.wisetail.com> via mg.wisetail.com.

For example: TheDrop <donotreply@mg.wisetail.com> via mg.wisetail.com.

If you request Wisetail Managed Email to be disabled, your IT team will need to manage DKIM, DMARC, & SPF.

If you are having deliverability issues, we highly recommend changing your site to use Wisetail Managed Email as it will resolve most issues around deliverabilty. To do so just reach out to Technical Support and request that we enable this functionality for you.

There is no cost for this functionality.


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