Wisetail OData Overview

by David Moczygemba

Feature Overview

The Wisetail OData feature is available as Beta feature only at this time and is enabled with the Wisetail API. While the API is meant to be used by programmers, OData is geared more toward data Power Users using software products like Microsoft Excel.  OData exposes predefined data sets which can be pulled into any software product that supports OData queries. The data that is visible to the user is controlled by the Wisetail user's account custom role assignments.

Setting up a Wisetail User Account with OData Access

  • Once Wisetail Technical Support has enabled OData for your site, you can then grant OData access to specific users through custom role permissions. Similar to other role permissions, once OData permissions are enabled for a role, all role administrators will gain OData access for their defined role audience's data.
  • When OData is enabled for a Custom Role, the settings will look as below.


Access OData from Microsoft Excel (Windows Only)

  • Prerequisites:
    • Your site is enabled for OData
    • Your Wisetail user account's role has been granted OData permissions
  • Launch Microsoft Excel (for Windows only)
    • Microsoft Excel for Apple Mac does not support OData as of this writing
  • Select Data > Get Data > From Other Sources > From OData Feed


  • You will then be prompted as below
    • Select Basic 
    • The URL will be custom for each site but follows the form
      • https://api.prod.wisetaillms.net/basic/<Tenant Code>/odata
      • Wisetail Technical Support can provide you your <Tenant Code>
      • If your Tenant Code was the value 582, your URL would look similar to below
    • Click OK


  • Microsoft Excel will usually cache the user credentials but on initial connect it will prompt as below. Please:
    • Ensure Basic is selected
    • Ensure the answer to "Select which level to apply these settings to" ends with odata
    • Type your Wisetail Username and Password as prompted
  • Click Connect


  • Excel will present the available OData data sets you can select from.
    • v1_compliances includes information about enrollments and completions
    • v1_import_dates includes information about user Start Date and Birthday
    • v1_user_fields includes information from the user profile fields
    • v1_users includes information about user account status (Active / Inactive / Deleted At)
    • Note: v1_looklog_entry and v1_looklog_events data sets may display but are not yet available as of this writing. Selecting either will return an error.


  • Use the Load button above to load the data from the OData query into your Excel workbook



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