Access Codes Overview

by C.W. Holeman III


Access Codes allow existing users to access specific content through the redemption of codes that update their permissions within the Wisetail LMS. This functionality enables a user to access one or more pieces of content with their existing user profile.


  1. Registration Codes are now called Access Codes, and are located under Users.

  2. New feature - Registration Settings.
    1. By default, “No” is selected, and the codes can only be used in “Redeem Access Code” widgets.
    2. Selecting “Yes” makes it so that codes can be used on both registration pages and “Redeem Access Code” widgets.
  3. If your site does not have Registration Page active, the following notification will appear:

  4. Email access code


  1.  Send access code in welcome email

  1. Adding Widget
    1. Access Codes can be added to any configurable page, but only as a right column widget.
    2. It will appear in the list view modal as “Access Codes”

  1. Role: Manage Access Codes



  1. The Learner tool has a Redeem Access Code widget to the profile page to ensure that there is a place to redeem an access code if the page widget hasn’t been added to a configurable page.

  2. Learner tool Registration Page

  3. How it looks when an Code is Accepted/Rejected:

  4. You can download the access codes, along with which user (if any) has utilized a specific code via the "Export CSV" button on the top right corner of the page.


Last Enhanced 2020 July

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