Bulk Admin Delete Users

by Martín Galvan


The steps below allow you to delete Manually Managed users.

  1. First you may need to generate a "Users Report", add Managed By and Username Columns.
    1. Once downloaded filter the data to show only "Manually Managed" users.
    2. You will need to keep only the Username.
  2. Navigate to Users and click on the Bulk User Actions pill.
  3. Click on "Delete Users".
    1. Select one of the options for example if you have a file select Import CSV. 
    2. You can select "Export Template" to see the file layout.
  4. Click on Import CSV.
  5. Choose File and upload the file. Continue.
  6. The next screen will show the number of users to Delete.
  7. Confirm the Deletion. 
  8. A Delete Users? popup window will come up to confirm the actions. 
  9. Check the check boxes for the users to be deleted.
  10. Click on Delete Users.
  11. After the deletion is complete you will see the "Bulk Actions Completed!" message which confirms the users were deleted.


If you chose to Export the Template please be sure that there are no additional rows in the file above "username" before the file is uploaded as this can cause it to not upload.


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