How to Populate Multiple Values in a Profile Field via a Datafeed

by C.W. Holeman III

If you have a Type: Select (Multiple) profile field which contains more than one value, this can be managed by you datafeed. However, no changes should be made to your datafeed without coordinating with Wisetail Technical Support.

Standard Method

The file must contain multiple rows for the same user, each row unique only by containing a different value for each of the needed values for the user. Your file should contain:

  • For users with a single value for the special field: populate the value, as usual.
  • For users with no value for the special field: leave the value blank, as usual.
  • For users with multiple values: 
    • A row will need to be included for each value. 
    • Each of these rows should be identical all the way across, other than the special value.
    • Each of these rows should contain a single one of the special values for the given user. 

Note: This method is suitable for any number of values.

Non-Standard Method

If technical limitations make it impossible to send multiple rows, there are more Complex (and fragile) options which you can discus with Technical support.


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