Datafeed FAQs Index

by C.W. Holeman III

 For general info on Datafeeds, see What Is A Datafeed?

Do I Need to Manually Create Values for a Datafeed?

How Does Duplicate Username Handling Work In a Datafeed?

How Does Duplicate Match-On Handling Work?

Can I use Email as the Match-On Field for my Datafeed?

How do I upload a special file to my Datafeed?

When are users deleted by a Datafeed?

I receive an error when trying to manually upload a Datafeed file via WinSCP

sFTP Login

Why can't I set a user to Managed-By a Datafeed?

Why are there unexpected underscores in a username or email address?

What should I name my Datafeed file?

How to Populate Multiple Values in a Profile Field via a Datafeed

How does a datafeed handle accented characters?


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