Module Completions - Admin Dashboard Widget

by C.W. Holeman III

Time Frames

Three time frame options are available to choose from for quick information: Week, Month and Year.

Selecting any one of these options will show the admin the aggregate data for the current time frame (ie. the past week, the past month, the past year), as well as an icon indicating the trend when compared to the previous same time frame. 

Time Frame Data that is being compared
Week The totals from the last 7 days (including current day) compared to the previous 7 days
Month The totals from the last 30 days (including current day) compared to the previous 30 days
Year The totals from the last 365 days (including current day) compared to previous 365 days

Trend Indicators

Trend indicators next to the Completed Modules count let the user quickly understand how the numbers in the current time frame compare to the previous same time frame. 

The table below outlines what each icon represents. 

Trend Icon What it means
Up Totals for current period is greater than previous period
Down Totals for current period is less than previous period
No Change Totals for current period is unchanged from previous period

Static Date Selector

If the Admin user is interested in knowing data for a specific period, they can use the calendar icon to select a date range. Counts for the specified date range will appear but a trend line will not appear next to the numbers displayed. 

Drilldown in Year View

When an Admin is viewing the Year time frame, data is aggregated by month but the Admin is able to click on either the month listed along the x-axis or the counts shown on the chart to drill down to the details for that month, separated by days. 

Go back to the full view by clicking on the Back to Completions button.

Drilling down into the chart won’t change the top level numbers. Those will continue to reflect the time period selected. Instead, drilling down will simply drill into the view of the chart and the user will be able to get a closer look at the numbers associated with each day for the time period.

Aggregate by Profile Field

Admins are able to segment and aggregate data by Select-Type Profile Fields by using the handy drop down menus located within the widget. The default setting for the widget is to show data for the user’s entire audience.


When a profile field has been selected, a modal with all the values for the profile field will appear. The user can choose which value to see aggregated data for. 

At this time, only one Select-Type Profile Field value can be selected. 


Admins are able to have more than one of the same kind of widget on their dashboard. Under the 3-dot icon on the upper right side is the option to Duplicate the widget. 

By selecting this option, an exact copy of the widget in its current state will appear on the user’s dashboard, but the clone can be customized with different data configurations to the user’s liking. There is no limit to the number of widgets a user can add to their dashboard.

Customize The Widget

The title of the widget is editable and configurations that are made to a widget persist for the user. If a user wants to create widgets for several different profile field values, they can add multiple widgets with different data configurations and name them all differently. Change the name of the widget to reflect the data you're looking at; duplicate the widget to add another version to your dashboard. 

Download Options

The charts and graphics displayed in the widget can now be downloaded in multiple formats, making it easy to embed into presentations or be distributed to your team. 

Select the hamburger menu located above the graph and see the available download options:

1. Print Chart

2. Download PNG Image

3. Download JPEG Image

4. Download PDF Document

5. Download SVP vector image


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