Module Permissions Locked Audience

by Martín Galvan

See also: Roles Overview  & Duplicating Modules with Different Roles.

When Modules, Content, and Enrollments are created, these can be managed by Role Admins who have been given privileges through a Role they belong to.

Role Abilities.png

Any Modules, Content, and Enrollments the Role Admins create will be locked and accessible only to the Role Audience and they will not be able to expand the Audience once the permissions have been set and saved.

Locked Audience 2.png

Note: Super Admins have the ability to create Custom Roles and add Role Amins as well as create Modules, Enrollments, and Content under the Roles Admins. Super Admins are also able to see the same restrictions in the Permissions as the Custom Role Admin. It is recommended that Super Admins create Modules, Enrollments, and Content under the Super Admin Role unless there is a specific reason for the Custom Role Admin to take advantage of the Role Management abilities.

This ability was developed to allow Role Admins to create and assign content to their audience only, without affecting the rest of the organization. With this ability Role Admins can add permissions to further filter their assigned audience, but they will not be able to remove Rules to expand the Permissions beyond their Audience.

When building this functionality, it’s important to carefully plan how it will be used and the audience it could be used for. These settings cannot be changed to update already created Modules, Content, and Enrollments.

If Rules were applied and unintentionally Locked the Audience, the best course of action is to recreate the Module, Enrollment, or Content under the Super Admin Role instead.

If you require an Audience adjustment that is not possible with the current Rules, you can adjust the Audience in the Role and then duplicate the Module, Content, or Enrollment. At this point, you will be able to define the Audience as its permissions.




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