Sparks Overview

by C.W. Holeman III

Note: Sparks are not OnTrack Sparks.

Admins Tool --> Merits --> [Certifications and Badges (C&B)] --> Any C&B --> C&B Sparks.

A Spark is a way to automatically grant a badge to someone based on a particular criteria. In other words, you can apply a badge to a user's profile automatically when the user meets any one of the following criteria:

  • Completes a specific Module
  • Reaches a certain number of Points
  • Attends a particular Event
  • Reaches a certain number of User Contributions
  • Has logged in a certain number of times




  • A single Certification can only be granted to a user a single time. Sparks work on the principle, "If X or Y or Z occurs then apply this Certification."
  • If you plan on using the same Certificate for a new version of a Module it is recommended creating a new Certificate with the same Title and add the year for example. This will make it easier to track. 
  • By default, Sparks are not retroactively applied. In other words, if a user completes a module, and later you add a Spark that triggers upon a user completing that module, this user will not be awarded this Spark. To ensure the users with previously met criteria are awarded, there is a retroactive checkbox that must be selected as seen below.


  • Sparks_Overview_Retroactive_Checkbox.png

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