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A great way to facilitate employee recognition through the system is through certifications. You can reward and recognize employees for all the hard work they have done, track internal or external certifications, and use them in inclusively or exclusively the Rules Engine.

In the admin tool of the site, navigate to the merits tab, and then click the certifications pill. Click the create certificate button on the upper left-hand side of the page.


Give it a title and description:


You’ll notice that a default certificate image appears. You have the ability to use this image or upload any image you would like.

To modify this image, click on the edit PDF button.


You will be brought to a screen where you have the ability to switch out this image and add additional fields to populate this certification.


You will notice that the drop-down menu for some of these fields pulls from the existing profile fields on your site. These fields will automatically populate based on the user receiving the certificate.



Once you are done formatting your certificate, click the link that reads Return to Certification in the upper right-hand corner. 



Certificates can be awarded automatically through Sparks,(think of Sparks as a trigger) to users based on a variety of actions. This includes module completions, achieving a specific number of points, attending an event within a module, submitting a user contribution, or reaching a certain number of logins.

Below the preview, you’ll notice where you can choose a spark that will award your certificate to your employees.



You can also apply Module completions retroactively. For example, users who completed the Module prior to when the Certificate was created can receive the Certification when this option is selected. After you select the Spark click on Apply retroactively. Click on Select Details to choose the Module you would like to apply the Spark for the completion. 



Note: Certificates cannot be awarded more than once for the same Module completion. For example, if a Module is reset and users need to retake it again the solution is to create a new Certificate for the new completion.


Moving over to the right-hand sidebar. You will first see where you can award this certificate to individual users or navigate to the drop-down menu where you will see the option to “Award certifications.” Choosing this option will bring up two options, award by individual users, or through the rules engine where you can mass award a certificate. 

Going down the sidebar, you will find where you can activate or inactivate this particular certificate.

cert10.png          cerforgot.png


If you choose an expiration date, you can either have this be a number of days countdown or set it to expire on a specific date.




You will also find your Audit Log for this specific report as well as the Certification Award Report. Your Certification Award Report will show you which users have received a specific cert, as well as how, the date and the expiration date for that certificate.






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