Module Completion Issues

by Martín Galvan


Module completed without content completed.

Module Permissions are based on sets of rules so specific groups can have access to the Module and or child Modules.

  • For example, in the parent Module you may have two child Modules one for users who have English as their preferred language and the other for users who have Spanish as their preferred language.


If users have their preferred language set in their Profile they will have access to the Module that Matches their language.

  • When the user(s) don't have the preferred language set in their Profile they will have access to the parent Module but they will not see the child Modules. 
  • If a standard module is created with Auto-Complete enabled but there is not content showing in the Module, Auto-Complete will not be able to complete the Module but will instead display the Mark Done button for the user to complete the module when they are done.


Pro tip: Verify the users have the correct Profile Fields attributes.


Child modules completed but no parent module completion.

In some cases you may find that a user or users completed the child Modules but the parent Module still shows as incomplete. 

Child Modules can be accessed and completed outside the Parent Module from the Learning page and may be available as a Required Content or Past Due content in the Learning page they can also be searchable in the Learning page as well. 


You go to Reports to generate the Module Exception Report and confirm the child Modules show completed but the parent Module shows no completed. This can be attributed to users completing the child modules outside the parent module.

When this happens users may need to go back to the parent Module and once they open it it should mark as Complete automatically. 






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