Videos Don't Play Correctly

by Martín Galvan


Issues with videos not playing correctly or don't play at all and all steps below have been in place but the issue is not fixed. 

The videos play with no issues on a different computer. 


User's computer.

  • Videos play using a different browser but after a few days the same issue appears.
  • Client has cleared the browser Cache but issue persists.
  • Client tried to play videos in Incognito tab but issue persists.  
  • Client has the newest browser version.
  • Client disabled all extensions but issue continues.
  • Browser is set to allow pop-ups.
  • Added the url to allowed sites in the browser settings.
  • Videos play with no issues on another computer.

The solution we found is that the last update did not process correctly and the user had to re-sync their Google account to Chrome.



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