How to Embed Social Media into LMS Pages

by Martín Galvan


Content can be embedded using the Announcements widget (in the right column), or using the Video Player widget (in the main column).

If using the announcement widget, select the “embed” option when adding an announcement.

If using the Video Player widget, select “embed video” and paste your embed code in the “embedded content” field. The video player widget will allow you to embed more content types than just videos, despite the name.

Almost anything that can produce an embed code can be embedded using these widgets! Below you’ll find a list to get you started.


Content display is subject to restrictions and formats imposed by the source of the embed – if you’re unsatisfied with the size or layout, you may have the option to adjust these settings in the embed code itself, but our widgets are just a container for the embed. If an embed cannot be configured to look good on your page, it just may not be an appropriate use case.

Do note that Wisetail is unable to control behaviors inside the embed – users could be shown advertisements, or have other content suggested to them that may not align with your brand identity.



Follow the instructions found here: 


Follow the instructions found here:


Follow the instructions found here: 

For the best experience, we recommend that you use the customization options to set the height of your embed around 400 px for side column and 600 for main column – but do check the end result and adjust to your desired experience.

There are indications that embedding the Twitter/X widget may cause increased load times on the pages where it is embedded.


Follow the instructions found here:


Follow the instructions found here: 

LinkedIn appears to look and perform best in the side column.


Follow the instructions found here:


Follow the instructions found here:






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