System Activity Report

by David Moczygemba


The System Activity report shows system wide data over a specific timeframe. Data includes, but not limited to: cumulative logins, number of active users, number of profile photo changes, number of recognition messages sent. This report also displays data specific to published modules, user contributions submitted, and dialog board vitals.

Report Details

Item Description
Active Users

The active users count always reflects the current count of Active user accounts in the system. In this context, an Active user is defined as a user account in an Active state (vs. Inactive) that has logged into the system at least one time at any point during the time frame selected.

If comparing this number to other system output, it might be off by a value of 2 as there are 2 service accounts in the system that maintain background activity and they are generally suppressed from most reporting. This number always reflects the current state of the system at report runtime and is not impacted by date filter selections.

This number does not contain user accounts that have been created but have not yet logged in to the system.

Total users Total users count is the number of user accounts in either an Active or Inactive state that have not been deleted from the system. This number may also be off by a value of 2 due to report suppression of service accounts of which there are 2.

Total number of successful login attempts by one or more users which have occurred for the period covered by the date filter. Logins for user accounts which have been Inactived prior to running the report are not included. Logins by service accounts are not included.

Logins by users Number of unique users having successfully logged in during the date filter range. Logins for user accounts which are Inactive at report runtime are not included. Logins by service accounts are not included.


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