Multi Language in Media

by C.W. Holeman III

Wisetail  supports the ability to upload language-specific variations of a media file, and when added to a module, the system will deliver the localized variation to users based on their preferred language.

This enhancement is located within the Admin Tool -> Content -> Media section of the LMS for
organizations that have multiple languages enabled. Located within each piece of media is a side
panel that will show the Admin all the language specific variations of a media item that have been
uploaded. If the variation of a media item is absent for a particular language, a placeholder icon is

Additionally, when a media item contains two or more language specific variations, the “Multi
Language” pill appears in the item on the media page, indicating to the Admin that there are
variations of that media item available.

The LMS has ability to upload multi versions of a media file (in multiple languages) and the system will
recognize it as one file and deliver the correct media file to a user based on their preferred

The established workflow of uploading a piece of media remains unchanged. When a piece of media
is first uploaded, the default language association for that file is English (en) and it becomes the
default media file when a variation for another LMS language is not available.

image-002.pngWithin a media file, the Admin is able to see a side panel listing out the languages available to the
Admin, with a placeholder icon in place of a media file. When the Admin clicks the icon for any
language, the file uploader will pop-up. The Admin can then upload the media variation for that
particular language

image-003.pngIf the Admin navigates back to the Media summary page, any media file that has language variations
will have a “Multi-Language” indicator on it, making it easy to identify multiple language media

image-005.pngWhen adding media to a module, the Admin will select the correct media file as they do now. The
Admin will see the English (en) version appear in the modal when selecting from the library.

Once added, the system will automatically surface the correct language variation to users based on their preferred language. Should a media file not be available for a user’s preferred language, the user will see the English (en) version of the file.


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