Getting Started with the Multi-Language Tool

by C.W. Holeman III

Clicking the Globe icon enables access to multiple manually entered language fields Screen_Shot_2020-10-29_at_6.55.29_AM.png



Figure 9 – Admin Tool – Globe Icon Access

Learners: Welcome and Access Code Email Language

For users who have never interacted with a Wisetail system or who do not have HRIS information around preferred language — user will now be provided a language link array at the bottom of the Welcome and Access code emails.


Internationalization Email Templates

Welcome and Registration Page Language Selection

Select Language is added to the top of both Welcome and Registration pages. Selecting new language refreshes page with selected language.


 – Internationalization Registration Page

Change Preferred Language - Post Login

Users have the ability to change their preferred language, after login. a. Nav Globe Icon

User click new Globe icon in secondary nav — selects new language from dropdown. Upon selection from the user a modal is fired asking the user to confirm their new preferred language.

Edit Profile

Within a users Profile page, in the right column panel, the users preferred language is listed just below Start Date (in same style). User can edit the language by clicking on Edit Profile. Within Edit Profile, a non-removable Preferred Language panel that contains a language selection control is added just below Login Credentials panel. Upon selection from the user a modal is fired asking the user to confirm their new preferred language.

Confirmation of Any Language Change

A modal would immediately fire after a language change is made asking the user to confirm their preferred language.

This will be a dual-language modal:
▪ Primary: the newly selected locale

▪ Secondary: the user’s current preferred locale

Dynamically Translated Comments

Ability for dynamic translation for all user Comments on Posts, Recent Comments (widget), Recognition Messages (widget).


  • Please note that if users have the same preferred language as the user who posted the comment the Translate option will not show.


Figure 12 – Internationalization Dynamic Translations





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