Notifications Overview

by C.W. Holeman III

See: Notifications Compendium

Types of Notifications

There are several types of notifications available from Wisetail:

  1. Email Notifications
  2. In-App Inbox Notifications
  3. Mobile push notifications. (OnTrack only)

The notification panel has been designed to support granular notification control. It can be found under Admin Tools → System → Settings → Manage Notifications.

Notifications in the LMS have been broken down into two categories: Admin Notifications and All Users Notifications. Each category is expandable and contains sections and individual notifications. 

For a complete list of all notifications with additional information for each, see the Notifications Compendium.

The Disable Notifications Toggles


The Disable Notifications toggles allows Admins to completely shut off all notifications. Counterintuitively, when the toggle is set to On, it prevents the specified type of notification from being sent.

Disabling notifications through the above options does not result in holding notifications. That is to say, notifications not sent are purged, and cannot be sent later.

When Disabled is On, all drop-down shortcuts and Individual notification toggles can still be changed, but will have no impact until Disabling is turned Off.

The settings for individual notifications are retained, though ignored, while Disable Notifications toggles are activated.

  • Disable All Notifications - controls all notifications across all Types as specified above.
  • Disable Email Notifications - which does the same thing as the Disable All Notifications Toggle, but its scope is limited to email.
  • In-App Inbox - There is no way to disable just these notifications in isolation. All notifications must be disabled to prevent In-App Inbox notifications from being sent.
  • OnTrack Push Notifications - These can be disabled, but must be done under:
    All User NotificationsOnTrack.Screenshot_2023-04-19_at_14.02.04.png

Note: The Disable Notifications toggles do not impact  Welcome Emails and Password Reset Emails.

Special Cases

There are a few notifications that do not follow standard rules:

  • Welcome Emails
    • Cannot be disabled by any notification setting.
    • Can be configured not to be sent for new users created via a datafeed.
  • Password Reset Emails
    • Cannot be disabled.
  • Scheduled Report Emails
    • Can be disabled by the Disable All Notifications toggle.
    • Can be disabled by the Disable Email Notifications toggle.
    • Do not have a specific setting to be enabled or disabled in a targeted manner.

Block Changes Shortcuts

Located next to the Admin Notifications category and each section under the All User Notifications (Modules, Content, Communication, Merits) is a drop-down menu containing two configuration shortcuts:

  • All Enabled - selecting this option sets all notifications within the section to Enabled. Also, if an Admin manually sets each of the notifications to Enabled, All Enabled is shown.
  • All Disabled - selecting this option sets all notifications in the section to Disabled. If an Admin manually sets each of the notifications to Disabled, All Disabled is displayed.
  • Custom - this is not an option in the dropdown menu. Rather, Custom appears when there is a mix of Enabled and Disabled notifications in a section.



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