Low-Bandwidth Mode

by C.W. Holeman III


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Admin Tools → Modules → Some Module →  Low-Bandwidth

Low-Bandwidth Mode allows modules to be downloaded to a device so they can be consumed without an active internet connection. Low-Bandwidth Mode offers a way for locations with lower bandwidth availability to consume learning content while not affecting the performance of their mission critical applications (such as Point of Sale Systems). This feature was specifically developed for locations or entire brands which struggle with consistent access to high-quality internet connectivity, such as locations in malls or airports.

How does it work?

One or more users at each location must be setup to manage content on each device.  The settings for Low-Bandwidth are managed and content must be downloaded manually on each device.

Assign a User the Correct Role

In order to make use of the Low-Bandwidth feature, managers on-site must be assigned the role Downloadable Content Manager (unless they are already a Super Admin).  This role provides them with the access needed to manage content on the devices.

Downloading Modules and Enabling Low-Bandwidth

Every device which will be used for low-bandwidth training must be individually configured for Low-Bandwidth mode.  To configure and turn on Low-Bandwidth Mode complete the following steps on each needed device:

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools Modules Low-Bandwidth.
  2. Click Add Modules to select the modules that should be downloaded to this device.
  3. Select one or more modules to download to this device.
  4. Click Add Modules once you have your list.
  5. Click Sync Selection to start the download.
  6. When the download is complete a message will appear and the download status will display as complete (note you do not need to stay on this screen for the download to finish, however you must stay within the admin tool).
  7. Once both the Add Modules and Sync Modules green checkmarks appear, then you may select Enable Low-Bandwidth to turn it on for this device.
  8. Repeat steps 1 through 7 for all devices which should have Low-Bandwidth enabled.

Disabling & Modifying Downloaded Modules

Before you can download more modules or remove any from the device, you must disable Low-Bandwidth.  This is done from Admin Tool → Modules → Low-Bandwidth, by selecting Disable Low-Bandwidth.

Once Low-Bandwidth has been disabled you may either repeat the steps above to select more modules, remove existing modules by selecting Remove Selection, or check for any updates to currently downloaded modules by selecting Sync Selection.

Consuming Modules as a Learner

When enabled a banner will appear across the top of the page to inform the user that their access is restricted.

  1. Ensure you use the correct browser as specified by your manager.
  2. All modules the learner has access to that have been downloaded to the device are available on the Learn page.  Modules can be consumed as normal.
  3. That's it.

Downloadable Module Limitations

Before a module can be selected for download on a device setup for Low-Bandwidth, it must first be composed exclusively of content that is downloadable. The following content is currently supported in a downloadable module:

  • Text Blocks
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Documents
  • Events
  • Tests
  • Gates
  • Flashcards

If an item is added that cannot be downloaded the Not Downloadable exclamation (!) will appear.  You must remove this item if you want the module to be available when Low-Bandwidth is enabled.

Low Bandwidth Mode Scheduling

Low Bandwidth Mode can now (July 2021) be configured with a schedule to activate or deactivate on a schedule that you select to automatically reduce your location's bandwidth usage during peek load times.


  • In order to make use of the Low-Bandwidth feature you must always use the same browser on a device as the content is stored using cookies & the browser's cache.
  • There is currently a maximum of 30 modules per device, in addition to any space limitations on the device itself.
  • When Low-Bandwidth is enabled, access all areas of the application besides Learn, Wall of Fame, and user profile are restricted, including features within the Admin Tool to help conserve bandwidth.
  • When editing a module, if there is not a green checkmark next to Downloadable, then you have non-downloadable content, and the module cannot be used in Low-Bandwidth Mode.





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