@Work Geo Locations Troubleshooting

by David Moczygemba


The prerequisites for the @Work Geo Location feature are summarized below. The main article to setup the @Work features is @Work.

Summary Steps:

  • As a site admin, enable @Work Geo Locations in Admin Tool > System > @Work tab
  • As a site admin, add @Work Geo Locations using the map at the bottom of the same page above
  •  As user, ensure user's browser/device combination is permitting the Location to be shared
  • As user, on any Learner Tool page, click the red  _Work_Red_Screenshot_2023-04-04_at_9.21.06_AM.png button near the top of the page to access the Share Your Location button.
  • Click Share Your Location as seen below


  • The browser will ask if it's OK for the learning site to access your location information.
  • Click Remember this decision and Allow


  • The browser will ask if it's OK to access your device's location so it can then share the information with the permitted site(s)
  • Click OK


  • If all is working correctly, the green Screenshot_2023-04-04_at_1.53.29_PM.png indicator should replace the red indicator

Troubleshooting Steps

Wisetail cannot see your location and doesn't log that information in our servers. If the @Work feature is setup correctly and one or more users are experiencing trouble getting the @Work indicator to turn green:

  • Trying using your Maps app on the device or in the same web browser. Does that app or website see your location correctly?
  • Check your browser settings for the learning site (<yoursite>.wisetail.com). Make sure location sharing is enabled
  • Check your privacy and security permissions and make sure that the browser has permission to access your Location information
  • If all appears correct on the client settings, try and increase the radius for @Work Geo Locations address in the Admin Tools > System > @Work tab. If the accuracy of the lat/long being returned is low, increasing the radius of the related entry may help that lat/long combination across the fence.
  • If a user was working and stopped working or intermittently alternates between NOT@Work and @Work, this is usually a symptom of the lat/long values being returned varying some when queried and relates to the method the device is using to determine its location. Increasing the radius of the related @Work Locations entry for the user's location will also help this scenario.


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