Users Overview

by Wisetail Technical Support

You’ve built all the things, right? Right! Now what? You need to get people into your LMS so they can check out all the great work you’ve done.

Let’s take a quick look at who users are, where they go, and what they can do!

Who are all these people?

After you have your modules created and built out, employees need to get to them! In the admin tool, you’ll have an entire tab dedicated to Users. This is where you can get a quick snapshot of all active (and inactive) Users. You can also create profile fields, User groups, classes, and roles!

Don’t worry, more detail is coming about all of those pills. First things first, though: adding Users. You’ll either do this manually or with a data feed. You’ll be able to create users, send welcome emails, and update passwords.

What can they see?

Users are the audience for all of your content. They’ll be your voice of reason, your rapt listener, your joie de vivre, if you will. Hm, well, maybe not all that. But still! Users see what you want them to see. Permissions and enrollments revolve around your learners. Profile fields, groups, and classes allow you to enroll Users in specific content and, conversely, limit User access to other content.

PRO TIP: As a default, all Users have access to all content across the LMS. If you want to limit audiences, make sure you set up permissions.

What else can they do?

Users will be able to take on some more responsibility. They can be content creators, dialog publishers, event instructors, module advocates. In short, there isn’t much your Users can’t do! Just give them the right role and permissions and set them loose.


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