by Wisetail Technical Support

Testing is an integral part of your LMS strategy. Testing evaluates a learner’s knowledge baseline, determines the level of comprehension, and identifies gaps in your training.


Create a Test

Navigate to the Content tab in your admin tool and select the Test pill. Click the Create Test button.


This leads to the test details page. You’ll be required to add a test title and have the option to add a description.


Adding Questions

Go ahead and click the Plus icon to the left of the gray question text. This will expand the list of question options. So many choices! Let’s take a quick look at all of them.


Multiple Choice

Type in your question. Below the question, you can add hints or media to assist the user.


Type in possible choices, and select the correct answer or answers for each question. When using the multiple choice question type, an admin can designate a single correct answer or multiple correct answers. If the admin designates multiple correct answers, then all of the correct answers must be selected by a user for the question to be correct.

Pro Tip: You MUST select at least one correct answer for each question you create. You’d be surprised how many people forget that step… Essay questions will be the exception! If a correct answer is NOT selected, the question will not appear on the learner tool for a user.


Type in your question (adding hints or media if necessary). Select if the answer is True or (you guessed it!) False.


Essay questions

An important note on essay questions: The LMS has no way to specify a ‘correct’ answer when it comes to essay questions. If an essay question is entered into a test with a minimum passing score a user’s answer will automatically be marked as correct.Type in your essay question, and add hints or media as necessary.


Images as Answers

Photos can be used as answers to test questions! Select images as answers, and select the plus symbol. Select either ‘upload media,’ or ‘select from library,’ and choose the photo to insert as a possible answer.

You know the drill. Be sure to select the photo that represents the correct answer(s).

Question Banks

Groups of questions can be created in the Question Bank and used in any test. What a time saver! Check out info on Question Banks here!

Additional Information to Expand Your Mind!

A text block can be added within a test to provide users with information or additional instructions. However, if the test is set to ‘randomize question order’ the text block will be filtered out. A good rule of thumb is only to use the text block when you’d like users to progress through a test in a certain order.

To preview a test, you can select the blue ‘preview test’ button on the top right of the page.

Test Settings (AKA More Pro Tips Coming at You)

So, you made your test, but it needs a little polish. The test settings tool enables you to set specific parameters for each test.

Passing Score: Determines the percentage of correct answers a learner needs to pass the test. Type in the percentage number, or use the up/down arrow to select.

Randomizing test questions: Puts questions in random order for each learner. Select Yes to turn on randomization. If yes is selected, you will see an option to display ‘All questions’ or a random subset of questions. If you select a random subset, you can designate a number of questions for the subset.

Maximum Number of Attempts: Specifies the number of times a learner can attempt a test to achieve a passing score. Input the number of attempts allowed, or use the up/down arrow to increase or decrease the number.

Saving test progress: Allows learners to pause test progress and return to where they left off. We are living in the future!

Time Limit Per Attempt: Set a finite amount of time a learner has to complete a test. Input the Hours, Minutes, Seconds, or a combination of each.



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