by Wisetail Technical Support

Intrigued, but not yet convinced, about how you can best use Flashcards? Flashcards are a great way for learners to educate and train themselves on new concepts in your LMS.

  • They have proven to be an effective way for learners to retain new information.
  • They encourage users to learn at their own pace! Learners can monitor their own progress and shift their focus to topics that they don’t understand.
  • Enable your learners to collaborate and learn in a group by quizzing each other’s knowledge. Knowledge is power!

Now that you have some Flashcard facts, let’s build some!

Navigate to the Content Tab. Click on the ‘Flashcard’ pill. Click ‘Create Flashcard Set’ and give your Flashcard set a title and description.

Then, select your question type:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False
  • Question Bank
  • Essay
  • Images as Answers

Next, you see Question settings:

  • Hint— This text will appear underneath the question, giving a hint to the correct answer.
  • Media—  You can add any piece of media (photo or video) to complement a question.
  • Reference module— select a module the learner can use to brush up on a specific piece of content.
  • Answers— Input each answer as text, with the exception being the “Images as Answers” and the “True/False” question types. Note: Any question banks that are added to a Flashcard set, those questions will be automatically placed into the set in random order.

Once you have created your Flashcard set, you can add it to any module.


As with tests and question banks, flashcard questions will not show for a user without at least one selected correct answer (disregarding essay questions, which don’t record a correct answer). So, be sure to select the correct answer!

There is no reporting around Flashcards. They’re intended for studying and practice.

The question types mirror what’s available for tests.

You can reference a specific module directly from a Flashcard question so the learner can revisit content if they did not get the answer correct. (Right? This is so cool.)

Remember what we learned in ‘Content: Getting Started’? Flashcard sets have to be built out separately before adding them to a module.


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