Question Banks

by Wisetail Technical Support

How to Use Question Banks

We all know how valuable evaluations can be to measure learning. However, sometimes these evaluations need to be lengthy. Or the same question set needs to be used across multiple evaluations. This takes time to build. And time, as we well know, is a commodity. Have no fear, question banks are here.

Question banks allow admins to build out a set of questions that can be used across multiple tests or flashcards. Wait! What if you build out a question bank, use it in 10 different tests… and then need to change just one question? No worries. Change the question in the question bank and the 10 tests will update automatically with the changed question.

Oh, did we mention you can use a CSV template to upload questions into a bank and save you time? Well, you can!

Building your Question Bank

To build a question bank, start in the admin tool by navigating to the Content tab and selecting the ‘Question Banks’ pill. Here, you will be able to see and edit previously built question banks and create new question banks. Go ahead and click that enticing blue ‘Create Question Bank’ button. This will bring you to the question bank profile. Be sure to provide a title and description.


At this point, you have two options for building out your question bank:

1. Start creating questions (with answers) within the admin tool. The questions could be multiple-choice, essay, true or false, or have images as answers.
2. Import questions and answers from a CSV. To access the CSV template, select the arrow next to import CSV, and select ‘download template.’


Pro Tip: When adding answers, you have an option to add hints, support modules, or images. Why? To assist the learner with the correct answer to questions.

Use Those Banks!

Now that you have question banks built out let’s look at how you can use them.

Question banks can be added to tests or flashcards. When you’re building a test or set of flashcards, simply select ‘question bank’ as the question type. This will display all of the question banks in the site and allow you to select the appropriate question bank.

Need a review of building tests? Flashcards?


Great! Now the question bank has been added to your test, which allows you to select a couple of options for how to utilize this bank:

1. Use the entire question bank
2. Use a random subset of questions from the question bank. Note: You can even select the number of random questions you’d like to pull from the question bank. Pretty nifty, right?


Question banks are pretty awesome. But you know what’s even more awesome? All the time you’ll save from building question banks! Give ‘em a whirl and as always, reach out to your CX team if you have any questions.




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