Observation Checklists

by C.W. Holeman III

Note: Observation Checklists are entirely distinct from Daily Checklists.

Observation Checklists allow an admin, manager, etc. to record scores, notes, and other information while physically observing another user demonstrate a process. This information is stored all together in a single set of records that can be used as a portion of a module, as well as reported on.

Observation checklists are comprised of three main elements: the Observers, the Observees and the Checklist Items.

Defining an Observer group is a two-part process that begins with defining who will be doing the observations via the Add Observers button and then defining who they will be observing via the Define Audience button. Each button will lead to the rules engine.


Observation Items

We’ve defined the Observer-Observee relationship. Now, we need to define what items will actually be evaluated.  Below the observer groups is an Observation Checklist Items section with the option to Add Checklist Item. This is where you will add the meat to your checklist.

  • Title: This is the evaluation item title for the user to know what they are being evaluated on. For example, "Greeting guests with proper greeting and smile."
  • Description: This is a description for the Observer to review in advance of being observed. For example, "Did the employee use the correct verbiage in greeting the customer while smiling?"
  • Observer instructions: These are seen only by the observer when they are actually doing an observation. These are generally instructions on what they should be looking for during an in-person evaluation.
  • Rating System: There are three rating scales for an observation item:
    • Pass/Fail
    • 1 – 3 Scale
    • 1 – 5 Scale






The Require User Acknowledgement? option can be toggled to either yes or no. This setting indicates whether a user would need to manually click a Ready to be Observed button on the User Tool before they can be observed. By clicking this button, the user is added to a checklist queue for the Observers. This will also generate an email notification to the Observer letting them know they have a user who is ready to be observed.

Observing a User

An Observer can access the observation tool in two different ways:

If a Checklist Queue widget is added to any page on the site (most commonly on the homepage) an Observer will be able to view users in their queue and launch an observation. Note: This only works if the Observation checklist has Requires user acknowledgment enabled.  The second method to access an Observation Checklist is via the Admin Tool --> Content tab --> some checklist.:




You can link an audience location to the admin’s location. When in the Rules Engine, select Location as the profile field and for the value select Admin’s Value. For example, if you would like GMs at a location to serve as observers for every user at their location you can achieve this by defining the observer as ‘Title is GM’ and the audience as ‘Location’ IS ‘Admin’s Value’. The LMS would look into a GM’s profile and match the audience’s location value with the same value in the GM’s profile.


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