Feature Release: 2 April 2020

by C.W. Holeman III

 These new product features and functionality are available as of the Feature Release which went live 2 April 2020. This is not everything that went into the release, but covers the significant user & admin facing changes.

  • Modules Report Issue. [FIX]
    • The modules report only showed accurate results when all content types were selected. If you just selected modules it shows a number, but says no results and cannot be seen or exported correctly.
  • Show links widget in mobile. [Request]
    • When the browser window became too small, the links widget would be hidden. This has been corrected.
  • Email log display update. [FIX]
    • When viewing the email log, the "Sent to" section displayed seemingly random ID numbers, rather than than something intuitively useful.
    • This has been replaced by a simple count of the users, and allows each row in the report to to be expanded to include a wide range of useful info on each user for each email. This information includes:
      • First & last name.
      • The actual email address used.
      • Wheather the email was received or not.
      • If not, it provides the specific error that was encountered when attempting to deliver the message.
  • Rephrased the invalid token login message [Request]
    • When the login page initially loaded,a time-constrained token is generated. If the token expires before a login is attempted, the page must be refreshed before a login can succeed. the wording on the message regarding this behavior was not clear, and do was updated.
    • From:  Invalid Form Token.
    • To: For security reasons, please click the Sign In button again’







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