Feature Release: 30 September 2020

by C.W. Holeman III


We are proud to announce the newest feature release of the Wisetail product. There are two significant new pieces of functionality in this release, as well as numerous bug fixes, stability enhancements, & general optimizations

New Functionality

  1. We have made several enhancements to our search engine. See the details here.
  2. Linked Profile Fields are now available on Registration Pages. See the details here.

Enhancements & Fix Highlights

  1. In some cases, the ability to edit Tags on admin tool was failing. This has been corrected.
  2. An inability to create some tags was resolved.
  3. A bug that prevented some User Contributions not to be included in search results was fixed.
  4. Some unexpected behavior around media permissions was taken care of.
  5. Certain types of HTML elements on the Registration Page were not being displayed correctly.
  6. We fixed an issue where the Test Report would not update the Percentage indicator when exporting the report.
  7. System Roles pages had missing page dropdown in some cases, which has been fixed.
  8. And numerous other fixes.



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