Feature Release: 30 July 2020

by C.W. Holeman III


This release included over 3 dozen tickets, each dealing with either a bug fix, a feature enhancement, or a new functionality. This includes a substantial amount of foundational work to support the upcoming internationalization functionality. The following are the client-facing highlights from this feature release. 

Feature Requests

Manage Users Via Multiple Datafeeds

Your users can now be managed by more than one datafeed. While this may at first seem like a recipe for chaos, it actually allows for some fairly sophisticated behavior. For example, you can have users created, managed, and deleted by your HRIS, and then tie in certifications from 3rd parties, such as Servsafe, and have them automatically applied to the correct users.

Engaging Subjects

Email notifications for dialog posts (that subscribers receive when a new dialog post is created) now include the dialog post's Title. This drives engagement, and streamlines organizing your overcrowded inbox.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug was crushed that prevented admins or managers in some setups from being able to access Observation Checklists correctly.
  • When certain users posted to NOW@ boards, the post would be saved without properly attaching any attached attachments. This issue has be eliminated.
  • Numerous additional behind-the-scenes fixes and code refinements.



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