Feature Release: 19 May 2020

by C.W. Holeman III


This release includes numerous tickets, each dealing with either a bug fix, a feature enhancement, or a new feature. The following are the highlights from this feature release. Additional details to come.  It includes two major changes. One set around Modules Updates, and the other is a new report that is now available, the Multi-Module Completions Report.

Modules Updates

See this article for a deep dive.

The Big Picture

The modules experience is updated for both admins. and learners to create a better experience in the UI as well as enhancing some of the existing functionality. Users will see changes to the following areas:

  • X of N functionality (Admin Tool & Learner Tool)
  • Auto-complete (Admin Tool & Learner Tool)


Enhancements were made to a few notable features of the modules. The feature work was based on internal & external customer feedback that functionality was difficult to navigate and system behavior was, at times, unexpected. The updated experience results in intuitive navigation for both admins and learners with the addition of additional tags and UI elements, consistent and predictable outcomes with module auto-complete functionality, and clarity around next steps and forward progress with content building and completion.

 Multi-Module Completions Report - 2020 May

See the deep dive.

In a nutshell, a new report is available that allows admins to view completion results for multiple modules in one report. This report will provide at-a-glance results for modules included in a course type structure, it will allow admins to report on multiple modules or courses at a high level. But also providing the ability to drill down to individual users - all within the same report. 

Additional Changes

Numerous additional minor changes were made to the Wisetail LMS to eliminate bugs, and to continue to improve your experience.




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