Feature Release: 12 June 2020

by C.W. Holeman III


This release includes numerous tickets, each dealing with either a bug fix, a feature enhancement, or a new feature. The following are the client-facing highlights from this feature release.


Feature Requests

Larger File Limit

One of our most-requested features is a larger file-size limit. Your wish has been granted! You are now able to upload files (including SCORM) up to one-half of a gigabyte (500 MB)! File size limits were previously 100 MB, so you can now upload files quintuple the size.

Quick Access to Certifications

When a user completes a module which grants them a certification, the user is notified right then, & is given the opportunity to view the certification. This is in addition to the email that they receive with the notification of the certification.  

Bug Fixes

  • A bug which prevented users from accurately showing up in the Module Exception Report has been eliminated. This bug also reared its ugly head in a few other places, which have also been resolved.
  • A bug which prevented the proper display of some users in a user group preview was corrected.
  • Search now includes User Contribution as additional module type by which to filter.
  • 15 additional behind-the-scenes fixes and code refinements.





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