Feature Release: 5 May 2020

by C.W. Holeman III

 These new product features and functionality are available as of the Feature Release which went live 5 May 2020. This covers the significant user & admin facing changes. Numerous backend enhancements were also made as well as ongoing work for future releases.

  • Homework submission notifications not being sent/received [FIX]
    • A bug was corrected which prevented some Homework notifications frombeing properly sent.
  • SSO ability to pull user data into a 'select' profile field. [REQUEST]
    • The ability to pull user data via an SSO into a 'select' profile field so admins can permission content with this imported data.

    • Previously, only text fields from SSOs could be used for permissioning data.

  • Order of dialog posts [FIX]
    • Dialogs now display in reverse chronological order (based on newest dialog post date).



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