Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

by Martín Galvan

This Technology is designed to deliver video to the user in the most efficient way possible and in the highest usable quality for each specific user.

  1. What is the purpose of this article?
    1. Provide it to clients who ask if wisetail use adaptive bitrate streaming for video.
  2. Who is the target audience?
    1. Wisetail clients.
  3. What practical steps can a user/agent use this article for?
    1. Provide it to clients.
  4. What does “the default” mean?
    1. Default is the most common use in the industry. Do not provide "ogv" or "webm" since Wisetail has not used this format.
  5. How can someone change these defaults?
    1. Client sends the request to support team then support sends it to SWE.

The default formats Wisetail uses are mp4 360p and mp4 480p. We recommend using the MP4 options. 

mp4_360p	MP4 H264 4G 360p 700k
mp4_480p MP4 H264 SD 480p 1200k
mp4_720p MP4 H264 HD 720p 2500k
mp4_240p MP4 H264 3G 240p 350k
mp4_576p MP4 H264 SD 576p 1600k

Also these are other format options available to us as well but have not been used by Wisetail.

ogv_240p	Ogg Video 240p 400k
ogv_360p Ogg Video 360p 800k
ogv_480p Ogg Video 480p 1200k
webm_240p Webm VP8 3G 240p 350k
webm_360p Webm VP8 4G 360p 700k
webm_480p Webm VP8 SD 480p 1200k
webm_576p Webm VP8 SD 576p 1600k
webm_720p Webm VP8 HD 720p 2500k


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