Feature Release - May 2022

by C.W. Holeman III

Headline Feature

This month we are rolling out our brand new, User-to-User (U2U) profile field type. It allows for a "manager" relationship between users and the people they report to. U2U is essentially allows a Hierarchy structure for users.

The U2U profile field type was created in order to support organizations that have a chain of leadership and managers who want to review completions of users that report to them, and the users to who reports to those users, all the way down.

For more info, please see our User-to-User Overview.

More Work

In addition to the work delivered to enable U2U (which was a lot!), we also...

  • Did a lot of back-end work in preparation for upcoming features.
  • Patched a bug around test attempts.
  • Fixed an issue around Page titles.
  • Remediated a glitch sending some types of Notifications.
  • Updated the logic around items behind Gates, leading to a more accurate count of items remaining.
  • Intermittent Certificate application solved.
  • Cleaned up some code around user profile displays.
  • Clarified the language on some Bulk Admin Action Tool actions.
  • Tidied up the behavior of Enrollments.
  • And finally, made some improvements in Reporting.



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