Feature Release - September 2022

by C.W. Holeman III

Our release this month includes a pair of visible features, and a mountain of work behind the scenes. In addition to the below new features, we spent a ton of time smashing scores of bugs, and building out frameworks for some very awesome upgrades happening in the future. While they are not ready for prime time yet, we are excited about where the product is headed, and can't wait to share all the delightful improvements coming soon!

Multi Language Tool Enhancements

Wisetail continues to expand our Multi Language tool with new features. Admins can now add translated content into more areas of the Admin Tool, meaning Learners are able to see more content in their preferred language. We’re making it easier for clients to deliver the best learning experience to their workforces.

Click here to learn more about this the Multi-Language Tool.

Manage Media Button

We’re making it easier than ever to make changes to media content inside a module with a new “Manage Media” button. Reducing the number of steps an Admin is required to take to make a change increases workflow efficiencies.

When an Admin clicks on a Media item in the Module details view, the panel that currently provides the “Set Permissions” button has a new button labeled “Manage Media”. Selecting the “Manage Media” button navigates the Admin to that specific piece of Media under the Content tab in the Admin tool. 

Click here to learn more about Media.


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