The QR Code Widget

by C.W. Holeman III


Among the list of Widgets Wisetail provides for your site, we’ve included a QR Widget.  The QR Code Widget is a unique way to provide users a unique scannable code that can be read by other platforms.  For example, Employee Discount Codes.

The Widget can be added to an existing page or you can create a new page if you wish.


The QR Code is unique to each user so discounts can be applied to each individual.

  • From the Add Widget option select QR Code.
  • Once the Widget has been created click on the ellipsis and select Manage.
  • Enter the required information from the Profile Field drop down arrow.
    • For example you can use a Profile Field like the email, Title, or Location to mention a few. 
  • Additionally you will need to check with your IT team to verify this is something it is supported on your end.





You should see the QR image in the page you selected.







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