Page Widgets Compendium

by C.W. Holeman III

For details on how to utilize Page Widgets, please see this article.


* Indicates that the Widget type can be permissioned.






Text Box The Text Box Widget utilizes the Text Editor to create blocks of text available as a widget. Main *

The announcement widget is capable of hosting text, photos, videos, or embedded content for a defined period of time. The period of time is managed by a 'feature start' and 'feature end' date. Once the end date is met, this widget will disappear from the learner tool. This widget can also contain access restrictions, which can be defined through the rules engine.

Limit: 99 Annoucement posts per Widget.

Right *
Badges The badges widget displays admin selected badges on the learner tool. This widget is utilized for badges allowing nominations - users can access the selected badge from the learner tool and nominate a another user for the given badge. The widget is accessed through a 'widget banner' which acts as a button on the learner tool. Main, Right  
Banners Banners are large images measuring 770 x 200 pixels placed on a page. Commonly placed at the top of a page, a banner adds nice imagery to your site while also allowing an admin to make a banner actionable by adding a link to the image. This lends to a better, more intuitive user experience when navigating the site. Main  
Buttons Buttons, at their core, are a navigation tool. Buttons can be added to either the main column or right column in the form of an image. When adding a button an admin must also attach a URL to the button to help users navigate to a preferred destination. Common button uses include links to reference modules and highly utilized dialogs. Main, Right  

The categories widget can only be placed in the right column of a page. This widget lists tags, chosen by the admin, to help users navigate to the modules and courses attributed to the chosen tags. This navigation will lead a user to the Learn library - which will be filtered down to display all modules and courses attributed to the tag.

Note: Modules added to the Category Widget must have the setting "Viewable In Library" set to "Yes". If "Viewable In Library" is set to "No" the Module will not be visible in the Widget.

Right *
Checklist Queue The checklist queue widget is utilized by user's who are defined as an 'observer' in a checklist. The widget will display all users in that observer's audience who are in the queue. In other words, all user's who have clicked the 'ready to be observed' button on an observation checklist. This widget will display differently for different observers as it's dynamically populated by users in each observer's queue. Additionally, it allows an observer to quickly launch an observation for a user in the queue. Right *
Curated Content The curated content widget hosts modules and courses chosen by an admin. This widget is one of the most widely used widgets because an admin can choose exactly which content appears in this widget and the order in which the content appears. Main *
Events The events widget will display the events a user is registered to attend. Admins can choose the number of events to display. Main *
Filtered Content

The filtered content widget allows an admin to choose what content will be displayed in this widget by selecting a filter. The available filters are: enrolled content, content saved for later, recently viewed content, recently published content, recent user contributions, and tags. For example, if the chosen filter is 'My Enrolled' a user would see incomplete content in which he/she is enrolled. Modules are displayed in the order they are due ascending.

User Contribution media will generate a User Contribution module to house the media and it will appear in the widget if Recent User Contribution filter is selected.

Main *
Help The help widget gives the user an avenue to request help by submitting an inquiry to a specified email address. When configuring this widget, the admin will designate the email address to be associated with the help button. When a user clicks the help button in the learner tool their email client will launch and the designated email address will auto-populate into the recipient field. Main, Right *
Important Dates The important dates widget displays users with three important dates on the learner tool: new hires, birthdays, and work anniversaries. The widget pulls these dates from the birthday and hire date profile fields. An admin designates the date range in which the widget will pull those important dates to highlight. For example, 'this week' is a designation and pulls important dates for users who have birthdays, work anniversaries, or new hires during the current week. Note: A maximum of 250 dates will be shown in the widget. Main, Right  
Links The links widget will display commonly used links, as chosen by an admin, complete with a chosen icon. The chosen icons lend to the visual appeal of the site. Each link can contain access permissions dictated by the rules engine. Main, Right *
Meet the community This widget displays a subset of the connect page, or user community with a quick link to the connect page. One neat feature this widget offers is the ability to filter the user's pulled into the widget. An admin can add a filter to mirror a page's audience. Or, they can select a profile field and accompanying profile field value to choose who filters into the widget. Main, Right *
My pages The ‘my pages’ widget allows an admin to add chosen pages and associated page banners to the widget. These chosen pages will allow a user to click on the page banner and be navigated to that page. Main, Right *

The news widget allows an admin to post an article complete with a feature photo or video. This widget functions similarly to the announcements widget by function on a 'feature start' and 'feature end' date. When the start date is met, the news widget will appear on the chosen page - once that end date is satisfied the widget will disappear.

Limit: 99 News posts per Widget.

Photos The photos widget allows an admin to upload photos in the side column. If multiple images are uploaded, this widget will act as a carousel and the photos will rotate through the chosen images. Admins can also add a hyperlink to these photos. For example, many clients upload photos directly from their instagram accounts and hyperlink the photo to the instagram post Right  
Polls The polls widget allows you to ask your users a question on any system or custom page. Admins will be able to set a start and end date for each poll, and allow users to vote on any question you want to ask. Main, Right  
Recent Comments The Recent Comments widget will display a list of the most recent user comments on any piece of content. Admins will be able to select how many comments they would like to display on the widget. Main *
Recent Posts The Recent Posts widget will display the most recent posts that are posted to any dialog board. Admins will be able to select which specific boards they would like to display. You can also select the date cutoff for the posts. Main, Right *
Recognition Messages The Recognition Messages Widget will display the most recent Recognition Messages to a users profile. Admins will also be able to select how many users are shown Main, Right *
Tags The Tags Widget will allow a user to filter by tag. This list of tags can be displays A to Z, Z to A, or Modules High to low. Right  
Top Performers The Top Performers Widget displays the top performers based on points earned. You can choose the number of users to view and filter based on page permissions, or custom field values. Main, Right  
Twitter The Twitter widget will pull in direct tweets from your corporate twitter handle. You can display 3 or 5 most recent tweets. Please note, this widget will not feature re-tweets. Right  
Video Player The Video Player widget allows videos to be uploaded or embedded onto a page. Videos can be uploaded directly or through DropBox uploader. The current file size limitation for a direct upload will be 200MB. Main, Right  
Who's online The Who's Online widget will display active users that are currently in the LMS. Admins will be able to have no filter or set this widget to match the page permissions. Main, Right *
QR Code This widget creates a QR Code based on the value of the viewer. It can be used, for example, as a way to scan a discount code which is uploaded to the user's profile via the datafeed. Main, Right  





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