Feature Release - 2023 April 17 (v5.38)

by C.W. Holeman III


  • Enhanced Search for Users:
    • You've been asking for the ability to search for uses by more profile fields for a quite a while now. As of this release, you've got it! You can now find the values for any value, for most profile field types.
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  • Dialog Board Metrics:
    • Metrics are now available on Dialogs which include info such as Views, Unique Views, Likes, Comments, and more.
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  • Dialog Scheduling:
    • You can now create a Dialog, and schedule it for later publishing.
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Admin Tool: Updates and Enhancements

Enrollment Page Enhancements

We’ve added more information about each enrollment right on the enrollment summary page. Each change is outlined below.



1. More Enrollment Information

Information about who created the enrollment, when it was created and the type of enrollment it is is immediately available on the summary page.


2. Bulk Actions

Admins can now execute bulk actions right from the enrollment summary page. More details outlined in the section below.


3. New Filters

Admins can now filter enrollments by the creation date. Using the calendar to select static dates will search for enrollments created within the specified time frame.


Additionally, the Sorted By filter options have been added so that Admins can sort the list alphabetically or chronologically. 

Bulk Actions

Just like on the Module summary page, Admins can take bulk actions on enrollments by checking off the checkboxes next to each enrollment. When an Admin selects multiple enrollments, they are able to select from 3 bulk actions: Activate, Close, Delete.


1. Activate

This action will activate any inactive enrollments immediately. If notifications are enabled for enrollments, they will be sent to enrolled users.


2. Close

This action will immediately close the selected enrollments, whether they are active or inactive.


3. Delete

This action will permanently delete the selected enrollments.


Prior to executing each bulk action, the Admin will be provided with a confirmation modal to warn them of the action they are about to take. 


Notification Settings

A new setting option has been added to the Manage Notifications settings panel found under Admin Tool -> System -> Settings page.



This new configuration allows clients to disable notifications from being sent to user emails. With the exception of Welcome emails and Password Reset emails, notifications are sent exclusively to the Inapp Inbox when the toggle is enabled. 


At the time of release, the toggle is disabled.


  • New Range-Type Questions:
    • Admins can now set acceptable minimum & maximum numeric values, and provide users with instant feedback when a number entered is outside of the accepted range.
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  • Mobile App:  Push Notifications:
    • Notify users instantly when they’ve been tagged in OnTrack with push notifications in the OnTrack App.
    • More Info.


As usual, we also made dozens of minor fixes and improvements throughout the LMS to enhance stability, speed, and productivity.




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