Feature Release - 2023 December (v5.46)

by C.W. Holeman III


It's hard to believe that our last update of the year has already arrived. But arrived it has, and it is packed with Christmas goodies for you.

Quick Enroll Enrollments

We’re thrilled to introduce an easy way for people managers to enroll users in their audience into required learning without having to create full-scale enrollments. Click here for more details.

Expanded Text Block Usage

The new Text Editor has been expanded to now be used in Welcome Emails, News & Announcement Widgets, as well as the all-new Text Block Widget.

Text Box Widget

Speaking of which, you're going to love our brand new widget, the Text Box Widget! No more kludging, no more coming up with special workarounds. If you want to put a nicely-formatted block of text on a Page, now you can just do it.

Time-Based Permissions

We’re introducing a new operand that expands the Rules Engine to allow you to use Date-based permissions. Need to view everyone who was hired this month? Use a filter on Hired > 1 December, and so much more!

Duplicating Modules Under Different Role

Admins can now duplicate modules but under a different role!

Additional Updates

  • We have added the ability to download the data from Admin Dashboard Widgets.
  • Page Widgets have an update as well: When creating announcements in the Announcements Widget, Admins are able to quickly see if there are existing permissions on the widget-level.
  • We have added the ability for admins to duplicate a module, while changing the user Role associated with the new module.
  • We also fixed bugs across several areas including reports, modules, datafeeds, media, PDFs, and more.

Updated Question Type for OnTrack

We've added a ‘Change Question Type’ menu option that allows you to make this update without recreating all of your questions.

Clarified OnTrack Report Titles

To make it easier to find OnTrack specific system reports, we’ve renamed all of the OnTrack reports to include OnTrack in the title. Refer to table below for updated report titles.

OnTrack Submitted Checklist Report Submitted Checklist Report
OnTrack Multi-unit Checklist Summary Report Multi Unit Checklist Summary Report
OnTrack Summary Report Operational Checklist Summary Report
OnTrack Submissions by Unit Report Checklist Submission by Unit Report

OnTrack Completion Report - Data Explorer Export

The ability to export the drilldown of the Data Explorer in the OnTrack Completion Report has been added.




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