Feature Release - September 2023 (v5.43)

by C.W. Holeman III


Sayonara, Legacy Text Editor! Hello Unified Text Editor!


The slow rollout of the new Text Editor begins this month! We are ecstatic to announce that the Legacy Text Editors are on their way out. It offers a dedicated toolbar, better and more consistent formatting, reliability, tables, emoji, and more!

For now it will be available in the Module builder, Community Broadcasts and Dialog Board Posts.

Module Builder

  • To use the new Unified Text Editor just add a Text Block as you are used to.
  • Existing text content from Legacy Text blocks in the Module Builder will be migrated to the new text editor and will not be disturbed.
  • Content in any existing Beta Text Blocks will be deleted.
  • The Legacy Text Editor has been removed.

Beta Users

A word to the wise. If you participated in our Beta Program for this, please be aware that not every feature is ready for prime time yet, and we really want to ensure that everything in the new editor works really well out of the box. We are working as fast as we can, but some functionality that you saw in the Beta will not be available in this release:

  • Paragraph style
  • Indenting
  • Super/sub script
  • Inline class/style
  • Select All
  • Help
  • Video & Image uploads.
  • Full Screen

Enrollment Summary Report

The Enrollment Summary Report contains specific user status and user module completion as related to an Enrollment. Displays dates for when a module was Completed, Viewed and Due as well as information about how the module was completed (via Admin or user themselves)

Scheduled Reports to sFTP Changes

After this release, only Super Admin users will be able to schedule reports to be sent to an sFTP server. During the report scheduling process, only Super Admins will have access to the “Send to sFTP” checkbox in the report UI. Restricting which users are able to configure reports to sFTP ensures clients have better control over where and how their data is being distributed. All users will retain the ability to send reports to email.

OnTrack Updates

Updated OnTrack Checklist Builder

To facilitate a growing product feature set and improve the user experience, we’ve developed an updated experience for admins to author and update their OnTrack checklists. While mostly a reorganization and optimization over the previous UI, the new UI does include a couple of new capabilities, including:

  1. Collapsible Sections
  2. Reorder Sections
  3. Move questions from one section to another section

Notable Changes

To allow for easier management of checklist sections and entries, less frequently updated settings have been relocated:

  1. Checklist-level settings, including Title, Description, and Instructions have been moved into a dedicated modal window accessible via the setting sprocket.
  2. Section-level settings, including Title and Instructions have been moved into a dedicated modal accessible via the Section hamburger navigation icon.
  3. Entry-level configuration options now show in a sliding pane accessible by first clicking on the entry and then either found on the Details or Configuration sub-tab.

Other OnTrack Updates

  • Due Dates & User Tags
  • Recent & Search
  • Due date+time & User Tag
    • Available during the opening of a new checklist via the More Checklist dropdown.
    • If a checklist instance passes the Due Date+time, it is overdue but remains available for completion. Additionally, “required” checklists, otherwise unavailable for manual closure, may be manually closed once they’re in an overdue status, with the team member’s name displayed on the card on the History tab. This is now the default behavior for all checklists where a Due Date has been defined.
  • Weighted Scoring
    • This has the knock-on benefit of helping to keep a location’s Checklist tab clean. Checklist with Due Dates can become overdue, and subsequently-started checklists of the same type can trigger auto-archiving capabilities.

And More!

  • Enrollment Status Widget: Secondary Sort Order.
  • Many additional minor tweaks and improvements to:
    • OnTrack
    • Reports
    • Flashcards
    • Modules
    • Calendars
    • Certificates
    • Dialog Posts
    • Emails



































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