Feature Release: November 2023 - LMS Mobile App

by C.W. Holeman III

See: Wisetail LMS Mobile App & Getting Started With LMS App

The Wisetail app is a companion app to the web-based Wisetail platform, providing learners quick access to learning resources.

Learners can view and complete modules and courses, including all content types available inside modules.

Admin tool and social features are not available in the app at this time. Only content completion is available with this release.


Upon login, users land on the “Dashboard” view. The dashboard contains five sections: Recently Viewed, Up Next, Recommended Content, Bookmarked, and Resources.


The app supports search of modules and media. This search function aligns with the search function in the browser.


Because the app is learning-focused, all push notifications are also learning focused. Push notifications in the mobile app align to notification settings in the admin tool.


Some aspects of the user experience of the mobile app can be configured by a Super Admin. These settings can be found under the admin tool “Settings” tab, in the “Mobile App” pill.


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